Join Our Team

The people that make the Freemansburg Fire Company are diverse and varied, and come from all walks of life. They all converge upon the fire station as soon as duty calls for one reason: to help their community.

Do I need to know how to fight fire before joining?

You do not need to be trained before joining. Upon joining, the company will send you to introductory-level fire service and safety training. From there, the company will allow you to continue to take additional relevant courses through our training partners.

What do I need to do in order to get started?

Becoming a member of our company is a relatively easy process. You can download our application online or stop by our station any Monday evening at 6:30 PM. After submitting your application, you can discuss the onboarding process with a member of our Membership Committee. After discussing your goals and desires within our company, we can get a rough idea of the best fit for your skills, desires, and the needs of our company. After filling our your application, you will need to receive a copy of your criminal history report from the Pennsylvania State Police, as well as receive a child abuse clearance from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Once your clearances come back, your application will be presented at a general meeting of the company to approve you as a Probationary Member.

How does probationary membership work?

New members, when first voted in, are placed in a six-month period of Probationary Membership. This time period is an opportunity for the new member to become acquainted with the company, its members, the operations and protocols. During this time, probationary members, or “probies,” are required to begin their course of education with our training partners. Once the baseline training and prerequisites have been fulfilled, the probie may concentrate on the particular course of study that interests them most, be it fire suppression, rescue, fire police, or emergency medicine. After the probationary period has ended, the command officers will make a recommendation to the company as to either extend the probation for a probie that requires additional time before active status, to place a probie in active status, or to drop the probie from the membership roster due to lack of interest or personnel issues. The rest of the members will then perform a vote on the member’s status.