Emergency Medical Services

In addition to the Fire and Rescue services that we offer, we also respond to major medical emergencies with our Quick Response Service.

Freemansburg Fire Company No. 1 has met and is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as a Quick Response Service (or QRS) provider. We have a number of EMTs and Paramedics on staff ready to respond to medical emergencies that emerge in the borough.

With our fire station located in the physical center of the borough, we are uniquely prepared for a quick response to an emergency call in any part of the borough. In many cases, we are able to get trained staff to the patient in just minutes. We are able to begin patient care prior to the arrival of our colleagues from Bethlehem Township EMS.

Once the crew from the ambulance squad arrives, our team works hand-in-hand with the paramedics and EMTs from the ambulance squad, and we cooperatively continue patient care until they are secured and transported to definitive medical care.