Fire Police

Our Fire Police Unit currently consists of a Captain, Lieutenant, and three Patrolmen. Fire Police Officers are sworn personnel who have been duly nominated and sworn in by a District Justice or Mayor in accordance with the Consolidated Statutes of the Commonwealth. Our duties vary based on the incident, but generally include the three primary duties of scene safety, traffic control, and crowd control.

Safety is always our highest priority. As such, is it our job to ensure that all emergency responders are protected from vehicular and pedestrian traffic, as well as ensuring that the water supply is not hindered by vehicular traffic or otherwise interrupted.

We are also responsible for securing the staging areas for the incoming emergency apparatus and personnel, as well as keeping the general public at a safe distance. This prevents them from being injured from incoming apparatus, traffic, and other scene hazards. In doing so, we often have to provide traffic control at or around an emergency incident, such as an accident scene, to safely guide motorists around the emergency scene as quickly and as safely as possible.

We also provide assistance to the police departments in our borough and neighboring municipalities for other incidents such as vehicle accidents, power outages, severe weather emergencies (i.e. flooding), parades, etc.

To become a Fire Police Officer in Freemansburg, an applicant must be over eighteen (18) years of age and must be an active member of the Freemansburg Fire Company No. 1. Prior to responding on any calls, they must attend and successfully complete a course of training as approved by the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy. This will details the scope of duties and responsibilities of a Fire Police Officer, as well as provide a baseline of safety training to the officer. Only after successful completion of these requirements can an individual be sworn in by the District Justice or Mayor as a Fire Police Officer.

In addition, there are other a variety of other classes available which go into much more detail as to the duties and responsibility of a Fire Police Officer in a wide variety of situations and settings. These courses are all approved by the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy and taught by certified instructors. They include: Advanced Fire Police Operations, Emergency Response for Fire Police, Non-Emergency Response for Fire Police, Communications, Legal Concepts for Fire Police, Highway Incident Scene Safety & Traffic Control, and others.

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about becoming a Fire Police Officer, please feel free to either contact our Fire Police Captain, or visit our fire station on a Monday evening at 7:00 pm and ask to speak with our Fire Police Captain or a Chief Officer for further details.